Friday, August 23, 2013

The Perfect Recipe For Blondes and Hosting With Inspiration

As you all know, I am not a natural blonde, but I play one in life. Ha ha ha
You see, there's me in my dark-haired state. I've been blonde several times in my life and without the right "blonde recipe" it's gonna be orange-palooza!

Blondes are tricky, if you don't use the right toners, you will look orange, coopery or too gold.

Here's my blonde hair toning  ingredients:
(and this was after I have already fried my hair to a "baby chick yellow" level- with Goldwell Blonde Me lightening powder and 40 volume)
 1/2 Schwarzkopf Igora Royal in 9-1 Extra Light Blonde
1/2 Clairol Soy 4 Complex - 7A Medium Cool Blonde
with equal parts 20 Volume Developer

Applied with a brush in sections, and let sit without heat for 10 minutes.
Shampoo out and the perfect wheat-colored, cool blonde!

And last night I got to be on a panel for BeautyCon at the Youtube Space in LA.
You can't see my face or my blonde hair but I'm the one in the striped pants and hat!

And then I got to host a panel of amazing ladies who've gone from their day jobs to dream jobs that included, Leslie Blodgett the creator of Bare Minerals (who is just amazing!), Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook, Mr. Kate, creative, artsy and super cool girl, singer-songwriter and actress, Christina Milian, actress, Sophia Bush,  Alisa Gould-Simon, of Pose, and the amazing, and uber stylish VP of Rachel Zoe, Inc, Mandana Dayani.

Me with Leslie Blodgett, she is such a powerhouse of inspiration and so kind, she made tears fall from my non-waterproofed eyes.
When I was a teenager, I worked in a mall, and I would wander through the Bare Essentials store. It was such an honor to meet her and get to ask questions to all these amazing women and here their storied of inspiration...

The bottom line was:
go after whatever you love
prepare to work hard
be the one that shows up first and leaves last
we all feel like failures and giving up- but it's the ones that keep going that reach success
don't listen to the haters, because theirs a hater speaking every second of the day trying to stop you
And never spend time on a door that closed because, you might miss the new door of opportunity because you're "boo-hoo'ing" over the closed door!

Happy weekend guys!

If you're in LA I'll be at Beauty Con tomorrow speaking:
 on a panel called "Vision to Visionary" at 11am
11:45-12:30 Photo Booth Picture Time with ME
3:30-4:30 "Kandee's Candy Bar" Happy Hour
(*no drinks just a bunch of candy!)
5-5:30 Hosting a Panel "Not Your Average Mom" Panel

Get ready because I've loaded with hugs to give out!

PS. After two weeks of me being sick and my videos getting ruined, re-fliming, ruined again, and refilmed again, the "How I make my Youtube Videos- lighting, setting up, camera, a peek into my make-up collection"- will be up the beginning of next week! Hooray!!!!!!! 

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