Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Feeling Poopy, Las Vegas, Bathroom TV's, and an Outfit of The Day:

 Viva Las Vegas, baby!
We just got home yesterday from going there to film a tv promo for Battle Of The Strands. And this was my ourfit of the day. But before I type anything else, let me interrupt this post with a couple facts:

#1. My computer is broken. The guys at the apple store said, "something is REALLY wrong" and I can't upload, edit or do anything on it, until they can fix it. So that's why if you follow me on instagram, yes, I would have no pictures if it wasn't for good ol' instagram!

#2. I feel like caca (for those of you that don't speak Spanish, that "poop", I feel like poop. My head hurts, sinus pain, sore throat, my eyeballs feel like someone is pushing on them, and I can't breath.

Ok, now that you're in the know, let's continue with more fun things...

What in the Elvis do I have on:
The Rolling Stones shirt that I got at the Melrose Trading Post (it's like a flea market, craft, swapmeet thing in LA on Sundays)
STAR JEANS- from Frankie B, I kinda just love these, and wish i had bought the grey ones too!
Crazy Lion ring- from Love Culture
Bracelets - a whole mixture of them, which I can't show you upclose, because I can't upload that picture onto my broken camera! Ugh

Can you guess which keychain I bought?!?
  Pink Flamingo, Pink Dice, or Pink Floofball?
You can probably guess we were at the Flamingo...hee hee hee
And I got the Pink Dice!

I have more cool pics of the awesome hotel room that Battle Of The Strands, got us, but again, I can't upload those babies yet...
but look how fonseeeeeeeee (that's fancy, in a fancier way), the bathroom had a tv in the mirror!
That is my "ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh" face!

We are not home....I told you it was a fast trip. And I just want all this "sinus pain" to disappear like they make rabbits disappear in Vegas "illusion" shows....

Huge hugs from me and my broken comuputer, and stuffed up sinuses, your Kandee

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