Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Outfit of the Day: I Love London and Camo

Yes, don't be shocked but I did take all these photos, myself. I know, amazing right? 
That is why you'll notive the "I heart London" looks a bit weirdy.
And weirdy is not a real word either.

Yes, this is just a tourist-style "I heart London" shirt, that was a s flattering as wearing a paper bag. Until I gave it a "t-shirt cutting" make-over.

(*as I will show below)
I love these Camo Jeans, since they have just enough stretch that they are super comfy. And even Jordan said they were cool. To impress a teenage boy, and even get them to tell you that without asking, is pretty good.

And this is the view you'd have if you were me and looked down.
And my trusty, and old, or should I say "vintage" to sound fashion-chic, pair of Jeffrey Campbell's.

 Other things you might wanna know:
*Where did I et my phone case: I got it at URban Outfitter, it is not as cool as the bejewelled one I made, and it's breaking, so maybe I'll do a DIY on how to make a new jewel-dazzled phone case!

*Where'd I get my bow rang or ring, but I think it's more fun to say rang: It was a present, so I have no idea. I've seen some that are close, but not like this one.

*Where'd I get my silver cuff: again, it's a "vintage" Forever 21 piece, which means, I'm glad it hasn't turned colors yet. But I love it.

*On my lips: I have a mix of RiriWoo with some LimeCrime RedVelvet on top.

And I went shopping at my favorite film make-up stores in LA yesterday, so I'm thinking of doing a video on all the crazy stuff I got, that you won't ever see in a MAC, Sephora, or drugstore! I get way more excited in there than in a Sephora or Ulta! hee hee hee

Oh yeah! And if you missed my video on 2 ways to make-over anyold t-shirt into tank tops, here it is:

Huge hugs from your friend, Kandee

PS. If you missed our road trip vlog, click this baby.

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