Saturday, June 29, 2013

This is how I rap with no make-up on...

Just for fun...I thought I would make a funny Vine, about how I look when I wake up: "with messed up hair and not a drop of make-up". And I thought, what funnier way than to make a "rap" of it....
So hear I present my world-wide rapping debut...ha ha ha

And yes, if you want to know, I actually wrote an entire "rap", and if enough people "like" this, maybe I'll make a full video of it and put it on youtube...ha ha ha

And you know I'm just silly enough to do it, too! Ha ha ha ha

Now put your hands together for MC Kandee:
(*just put your mouse over the
HERE   and hit the volume to hear it)

Huge hugs and hip hop, your home girl, K-Dazzle

And if you want to watch a video I made that's longer than 6 seconds, watch my latest one:

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