Monday, June 3, 2013

A Colorful and Awesome Weekend and Generation Beauty:

(me, with Judy from ItsJudyTime on Youtube, and her babybear...Ellie came to visit too)

WHERE: Los Angeles
WHO: me and many other youtubers, new friends, old friends, and my "kandee family" that I got to meet and hug in real life- not just one of my "computer hugs"!

This weekend I was blessed to get to meet so many of you guys, hug you, hear your stories, and hopefully I got to encourage you guys when I spoke about how to shine and share one of my favorite quotes:

"You were born an original, don't die a copy!" - John L. Mason

I got see see some of my youtube friends, make-up artist friends, make new friends and hugs hundreds of precious hearts! It is beyond words to describe how much it means to get to meet everyone of you guys that watches my videos and gets my "computer hugs", to finally hug you in person! I'm humbled, honored, and I can't even tell you what it means to be a part of your day, lives, or heart. I cried, hugged and laughed with everyone and meeting all of you that came was the best part.

I got finally meet, Bethany of MacBarbie07, and get to hang out with the hilarious, Jessica Harlow.

And I got to meet the make-up artist, responsible for the famous, "J-Lo Glow" and just nicey-pants, Scott Barnes.

And I also got to finally meet, the adorable Ingrid of MissGlamorazzi. She is sweet as pie, and just cutey, cute, cute!

With the beautiful, "why can't my legs look like hers", Nicole Guerriero! She is awesome and I'm so glad I got to hang out with her!

Me and Andrea, with all the young, beautiful faces of teen youtubers!

Between getting to hug and meet all the amazing "kandee family" that showed up to come let me hug them, I got to sneak in a SHAVE ICE with cream: you know I got coconut and cotton candy with the cream!!!!

Me and my precious, Charis!

And with the youtube pioneer and business woman extraordinaire, Michelle Phan

I didn't get a chance or have someone to take pictures with my phone of all the incredible people I got to meet, hug, and that just filled my heart with so much love....and of them were the reason why I was there! To get to hug you, and hear your stories...I stayed until after the even ended on Saturday to get to meet everyone, and meet everyone that didn't make it in the line to meet me earlier! We played at the photobooth and I just cherished everyone of you!

How amazing was this beauty's hair! I wish my hair would grow out of my head this, Ariel-ish color!

And again, my hair felt very boring next to some of my colorful friends, Mynxxi White and Doe Deere from LimeCrime, and the famous, Jeffrey Star.
Colorful hair, boring hair, colorful hair, colorful hair:

And this time with the blue-haired, beauty, Natasha Lillipore too:

Me again with Judy, from ItsJudyTime. Her and JulieG713, were one of the first Youtubers I've ever met, and they are some of the sweetest, most genuine, and I just love them, people! I heart Judy and Benji!

 And after, my gorgeous friend, and incredible make-up artist, Priscilla Ono took me to dinner to Bottega Louie (which is known for their macarons).... and I love her hair and I love her- she's like an honorary sister!

And I she got me back hooked on VINE, and we filmed VINE's all dinner, laughed, and I just love her to pieces!
See what I mean, look how fancy even their boxes are!

Huge hugs from your virtual bestie, Kandee


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