Monday, June 24, 2013

Does Short or Long Hair Make You Look Older or Younger?

How you like me now?!?

I filmed a video over the weekend, so I guess you could say this is sort of a sneek peek. 
And I tried this wig I had laying around in "Costume & Prop Land", in my house.
And I have to say, I kind love this wig! I mean look at those perfectly-side swept bangs, that could only stay that with a wig or a hairstylist standing next to you all day.

And yes, as I get hundreds of comments a day on how I look older with my short and blonde hair...
I do have to agree, that I felt like I whacked off a lot of numbers from my age with my hair like this! Which is nice since my birthday is less than a month away! ha ha ha

What do you think!?

I even like my Cap'n Jack Sparrow wig on me!

What do you think?!
Here's a BEFORE and AFTER of Rihanna...
which hair style do you like best and do you think it aged her too?!?

Ginormous Hugs from your virtual BFF, Kandee

1 comment:

Amberlii Renee said...

I think you look lovely and timeless either way. You look young and lively in all of your haircuts; your personality keeps you young and beautiful :)
I am 20 and look young with my "baby face" and I keep considering chopping my hair because I know most of the time short haircuts make people look more mature. However, I have naturally thick and wavy hair so short hair is quite troublesome haha Your haircut is fab on you-it makes me wish I could pull off short hair! Love you, Kandee <3
-Amberly Renee

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