Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keeping you in the "how" on HAIR TRENDS.....

I woke up to check my facebook to see you guys had posted about seeing me mentioned on Good Morning America, this morning! I had no idea when I did a little interview about the Hair Chalking Trend, that it would wind up on GMA! This goes out to all people who weren't popular in high school, made fun of, or teased for being different- keep going because, someday you just might end up on Good Morning America!

I try to always show you guys how to do the "fun and new" hair trends, from FEATHER EXTENSIONS , I didn't do too may braid tutorials, because I think everyone is getting tired of seeing braids everywhere (ha ha), and I thought the Hair Chalking Trend would be so fun to teach everyone!

It's fun, "wash-out-able" (yes, it will wash right out when you shampoo- unless you've wet recently lightened, blonde hair- it may last a few days longer!)...and you can use any soft pastel chalks (sorry guys, sidewalk chalks and chalkboard chalks don't have the right pigment to stick)...so have some summer fun with your hair...you're inner "hair adventurer" can come out and play "rock star" for a day or two!
And if you have kids, like I do, they're gonna love this!
*Just spray a little hair spray on the hair when you're done to help the color from coming off on your clothes!

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CLIP ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA, that shows a little clip of lil' ol me! 

And if you didn't see the HAIR CHALKING VIDEO...here it is to get your "pop of color" on...or should I say "your "strands of color" on!

Call me a nerd, but I am so excited that they showed my video on Good Morning America!!
I'm not a famous actress or reality star, that gets promoted on tv shows all the time- so this is such a blessing that a normal person like me, would get featured on there! I'm so thankful...and thank you all for liking all my videos....I didn't even think anyone would like this video, very much, but I thought it would be fun! ha ha ha

hugs and chalky fingers, your kandee


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liveforhim said...

You're so cool and thanks for mentioning me in your comment on. IG ! Lol


Anonymous said...

congrats on your GMA accomplishment. I am sure this is one of many pleasant surprises to follow

Neonhorses said...

Gud job. Um if u cud do some more news vids that wud b awesome. THANX

Anonymous said...

Kandee i just wanted to say how much of an inspiration you are to me, and i love how your not afraid to be yourself. Also scence you are such an organized pearson it would be awesome if you did a vidieo on some tips about how to get and stay organized. I just recently found you on youtube and you already had a great effect on me. When im down you lift my sprits so thanks. :) keep on keepin on.(Ps: i am not very good at spelling!?! Also how do you make those flower center peices that are on your side tables and are they real flowers

Anonymous said...

So you think that it's ok for someone to sit on there ass like a princess and lie , con,manipulate people to get what they want by sitting on there ass. I do alot for others while they sit on there ass doing nothing and except to get praised for doing nothing and going no where in live while everyone one else goes on with ther life. This person. Who is negative is alowed to make the rest of the world suffer because they wont get off there ass....i disagree on that i'm not a doormat

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