Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday, Why I'm A Gnarly Surfer, I don't know what's wrong with my face:

oh, yes, a never before seen picture of me in my high school days. I like how my face is almost as pale as my white pleather skirt. Ha ha ha ha

And this picture made me seriously laugh out loud at myself....
This is me SURFING. Yes this is how you surf like a bawsss, those people who stand up straigher and surf, totally noobs...ha ha ha ha In case there's any confusion, yes that me on the blue "surfboard", bending over as if to hug the water, and yes, that's a nerdy little white, what-even-is-that?!? Like a lifejacket for your muffin top area?!?

And to take it back to recent TBT-ness (aka throwback thursday-ness) is me 2 weeks ago at Popsugar in NYC playing games, answering questions and most importantly making horrific faces. I have no clue what is wrong with me....I make so many weird, crazy, scary, ridiculous makes me think people would be like, "ummmm you need to Botox your whole face, so you stop doing that?!?"....

Saving the best for last, look at this face.....bwaaaa ha ha ha

If you want to see the whole episode CLICK HERE or watch it here too:

And last but not awesomely least random info:
-I don't like shrimp.
-You can enter the giveaway I posted yesterday: CLICK HERE
-I think I have a dessert addiction.
-I will be also be on the Oscar Panel on Popsugar this Sunday.
-I filmed a video last night wearing a wig with long hair, and I was sad when I had to take it off.
-New hair color will be coming soon.

And if you missed my TOo Much INformation TMI Tag Video, please come and enjoy the TMI fun:

Boom Schloom Hip Hooray...... it is almost......... the FRIDAY, (read it like a rap) your Kandee

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