Friday, February 7, 2014

Flashback Friday & Fun Day Post & Your Vote:

 I know, I forgot to do my weekly "throwback thursday post" so I'm making it up with Flashback Friday!!!
Above, you are flashing back to my high school picture of me, in all my 15 year old-ness. And that my friends, is the makeup I wore back then, I think I just have mascara and lip gloss and a whole lotta hair to brush.

And now, this is what my awaits me......
2 empty suitcases waiting to be packed for NYC Fashion Week. Nothing makes packing more fun than packing hot pink, lip luggage (hee hee hee), but for reals, this is my most favorite luggage I've ever owned they're from Lulu Guinness:

But even more awesome than that luggage is this:
When I told Ellie we were going to  NYC for Fashion Week, she went and got every bag, suitcase, carryon, backpack and purse, she could find and piled it all up like this. She said, "I'm ready to go to the hotel in New York City!" Already traveling heavy, just like her mama! ha ha ha ha

Make sure you follow our adventures to NYC as we go on my INSTAGRAM & TWITTER! And I'm thinking of even vlogging on my Kandeeland youtube channel too, maybe....

What transformation look would you guys most like me to do next.....just click your answer in the Poll thing below.....Madonna, Selena, Harry, Audrey, or anyone else you'd love to see!?

What Transformation Look Should I Do Next? free polls 

And I'm trying to edit a new video, that in a perfect world would go up tonight, and in my imperfect world, might just go up tomorrow, but check my youtube to see: KANDEE'S YOUTUBE

Cartwheels because it's Friday, your homegirl, Kandee

These are the places I post things to all over the intershmet, click em all if you want:

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