Monday, March 3, 2014

How I Did My New Hair Color!!!

I am no longer a blonde!
Woop! Woop!
Ok, which hair color just jumps out at your eyeballs and makes you love it?
 I thought I'd make a video on my hair color BEFORE & AFTER and how I colored my hair.....

And this might be a total "surprise spoiler", but I did dye my hair pink!! I should've written "how to dye your hair HOT pink"....ha ha ha

Come peep the transformation of my hair color, and don't be afraid of my lack of make-up, if you watch to the end you see me with makeup and a little "hair color" song treat for you bwaa ha ha ha and I'll tell ya all the stuff I used below too Here's my new hair color how to....CLICK THIS:

And what I used:
I know everyone talks about Manic Panic or Pravana hair color is the new rage, but all I had at my house were some Ion Haircolor (which was not my fav), and a Joico Color Intensity Vero K-pak Hair Color in Pink:

I stinkin' love this's like it glows with different dimensions of hair color. I want to try a few Pravana  shades and the new Vidal Sassoon London Luxe Colors too!

And I have to share a pic with my new hair from last night, because it kinda matched my dress, and it was kinda now how often I wear dresses ha ha ha:
Pink Hair Hugs, well not hugs with hair because that would be gross, but pink hair in my hair brush does seem less gross to me ha ha ha, I heart ya, Kandee

PS. I will be uploading a very exciting video to youtube tonight at midnight PST, stay tuned!

Wanna see all kinds of other things I'm doing, saying, thinking and stuff, click on any of these babies:

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