Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm baaaaaaaack!!!

Did you miss me, or my blog?!?
Here's 3 things I want to share with you...

#1. Some of you may have missed this little ol' blog and my youtube videos....

Well, I accidentally deleted all my videos on my computer and my computer has been at the repair shop.
*I haven't had my computer to write my blogs or edit videos. (Yes, this felt weird and strange.)
*I went to Playlist Live in Florida without a working computer. (Yes, that again, felt really weird.)

I am now back in computer business. My files are gone, videos edited are no longer there. BUT, I will make ever better videos than those that got deleted!!

#2. Also....I am the proud owner of this brochure:
Because I was not being smart many years ago, and went to tanning beds a few times, now I had to go to the Skin Cancer Institute and get a little piece of my leg cut out, last week, to get tested for skin cancer.

MY WARNING: DO NOT GO TO  TANNING BEDS!!! You can fake that business now with a quick smearing of self tanner!

#3. Here's a little video to hold you over until I upload one, I'm aiming for tomorrow...because I have some exciting news to share with you guys, but here's an interview I did at Playlist Live, that I was pretty excited that anyone ever wants to ask me anything hee hee:

Let's make this Monday, this week as awesome as possible...let's do stuff we've been putting off, set new goals for the week, and make some stuff happen, cheering you on, your pal, Kandee

Come see all the junk I post all over the interweb:

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