Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This is why I Run...

I've been a "runner" (or sometimes just a fast jogger) for years. I run to clear my head. I run to be away from my computer. I run because I like breathing in fresh air and feeling the rhythm of my feet pulling me across this little piece of Earth. I run because I feel like my head is free from distractions.

This week started off being heavy on my heart, just some sad news, the health of my sister, my mom waiting to hear test results from doctors...all this has caused my eyes to be washed in tears. I know God has a plan, and our faith is grown in times of hardship, but as humans our hearts just get sad.

And so I go to the same place, where I would run everyday after my dad died. Where I'd run as fast as I could with tears streaming down my face, because no one had to see me cry when I was alone in the wilderness.
I run, because I feel like I can process all my thoughts with the rhythmic sound of my feet meeting up with the dirt and rocks.

I don't ever want to run away, well maybe I want to run away to Disneyland, but not alone, with all my family! ha ha ha

I run to be alone with God. I remember after my dad died, and I went running, and I looked down and saw a spark plug. As I picked it up, I could feel God telling my heart: He may not be with you on Earth, but He will always be the spark plug in your heart, igniting all the memories and things he's taught you. I cried, as I held that dusty spark plug in my hand, all the way home.

Do I want to get in shape? Yes, not to be skinny, but to feel that my body is strong, with muscles that are strong, not so much jiggle when I jog! ha ha ha

 Sometimes we just need to start with a step, towards our future, a step towards knowing that we are overcomers. That nothing needs to keep us down. Yes, it's ok to be down for a minute, a moment, some time, but always remember that you can get back up, that joy is waiting, it's bubbling up in your heart, waiting to be released. If your day or week or month has been hard, or filled with sadness, know that you're not alone. My heart is with you, saying: WE CAN DO THIS! WE CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THIS LIFE, WITH A SMILE! Even if that smile has just been covered in tears!

I was supposed to write my blog about the Muppet Lip Art video I put up last night, but this is what was heavy on my heart to write! So please forgive me for this post, if you were awaiting the stuff I used for the Lip Art video, I'll put it up tomorrow. But I hope that the tears I shed this morning, and my heavy heart, might be used to comfort someone else, to know,you're not alone!

I love this song by Mandisa, I hope it puts you in a good mood and lifts your spirits, this song is the anthem for my week, month and maybe last 2 years, you're an OVERCOMER:

And for fun, you can watch this video, and yes tomorrow I will post it again, when I have it in me, to search all the stuff I used in the looks and upload some more picture, until then I hope this makes you laugh or smile:

Huge hugs and love to every heart reading this, I love you, Kandee

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