Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back in the day, yes, wearing a beret....

Yes, if there was such a thing as "outfit of the days" back when I took this picture, this would've been mine.
Beret - check
Striped Mime-like shirt - check
Suspender Dress - check
Knee high socks - check
Oh yeah, 2 Swiss Miss braids - check

Oh, giant suit case.....check-check!
This again, was when I worked at a clothing store in the mall, so a good portion of my checks went to buying more knee high socks and baby doll dresses, and who knows, more suspender outfits?!?

For some reason, every week I love digging through all my photos to find some picture I haven't posted already for my throwback thursday post. I flip through real photos, you can hold, not like now, where I have to scroll through my phone or computer. And if the power goes out, or your batteries dead, well forget looking for a picture! ha ha ha

I am typing this very late. I'm packing to go to Playlist Live in Florida, it's like a big Youtube convention sort of. I am still doing laundry. And today when I was supposed to upload a video to my 2nd channel, my vlog channel, Kandeeland on Youtube....well something went majorly wrong and every last bit of a video edited or waiting to be edited was deleted from my computer...
And I know some people will say, oh download a recovery software, restore it, all of that was tried, I even raced to computer repair place, at speeds that were probably on the verge of too fast, to get it there before he closed. The nice man stayed very late, only to tell me, nothing was found and that I'd have to do a deeper search but it still might not find anything. He didn't even charge me. I probably messed it up even more by trying to do what all the dumb mac forums said to do to fix it.

So I've decided that those videos weren't meant to be uploaded and that I will refilm whatever I need to and it will be better. IT will take me longer as some of those videos I've already spent days, and days and days and days editing! ha ha ha ha But I will have something even better up for you guys to see soon!

Big hugs from, your once upon a time, Beret-wearing, Kandee

If you want to follow my adventures in Florida at Playlist Live, come see what I'm posting all over these babies:

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