Tuesday, January 21, 2014

International Make-Up Artist Trade Show: 3 Days of Awesomeness

 I've been going to IMATS for years. It's fellow make-up artists, make-up lovers, and everything about make-up and make-up supplies and goodies!
So here's my diary of all 3 days:

DAY 1: Friday
On stage before I taught my Master Class...
Which the best part was getting to inspire everyone one, and meet everyone and give hugs to everyone...

 My little heart can't believe people travelled so far just to come to my lil class, from Tennessee to Mexico, to this beauty in the hot pink who travelled from Easter Europe! My favorite part is getting to give real hugs in person and get to hear your precious voices and hopefully fill your hearts with love.

Looking all tough with the beautiful Daisy Danger, this was our attempt at, if IMATS LA had "beauty gang signs".....ha ha ha:

I had to go say hi to my beautiful friends, Anastasia (of Beverly Hills) and her awesomely, lavender-haired daughter, Claudia:

And I even got to meet the 3rd generation grandson of the Kryolan family and he told me how his 93 year old grandfather who started Kryolan, still comes into the office to work! I've uswed Kryloan in my make-up kit for years and years and I was so honored to get to meet them...

I filmed a little video for The Platform on Outfits Of The Day at IMATS, and I got to meet so many awesome and beautiful people on my way there.
Me with the adorable Sam, who is just awesome!

Then I got to go and be a judge for the Student Make-Up Competition. And these students were absolutely amazing, it was so hard to decide.

Look at my serious note-writing face:

Me with Michael Key (founder of IMATS and former make-up artist) and the other judges.

Then I had the most awesome meet and greet and got to laugh, cry, and love on all of you that came out...and my heart was overjoyed!

And I even saw my precious friend, Charis (AKA Charismastar), who I just love and got to hug her:

I was so excited because the cast of NAKED VEGAS, wanted to get a picture with me!! (Jeffree Star is not in Naked Vegas, ha ha ha) These guys are so awesomely cool, fun and way talented!

Me and Jeffree Star having a "kiss face-off", I think he won! ha ha ha

After IMATS, I had to go through all the redcarpet looks from the SAG awards and give my picks to She Knows, CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ARTICLE. I did that in a side room from the Beautylish Event.
At the end of the Beautylish Event,  I got to see my beautiful friend, Camila Coelho and her hubby going to shoot pictures for her blog. And I finally got to meet Tiffany, of MakeupbyTiffanyD in the hotel lobby.

 I got to take this fabulously, blurry picture with the adorable Jaclyn Hill, who's entire family is adorable and cute, even her hubby! We shared injury stories! hee hee

And one more blurry pic for the day, me and my homie and make-up artist to the stars, Troy Jensen:

 And a day isn't complete without a bathroom selfie! With my friend, Kristina who helped me with everything this weekend!

I held another meet and greet for everyone that couldn't be there Saturday, because I wanted to meet, love and hug everyone.

I got to hug my friend and amazing make-up artist (that you probably know from Face-Off), Frank Ippolito.

Making faces with my friend and awesome make-up artist, who's head of the Stila Pro Team, Corey Bishop.

And another kiss-face, off (because it was funny) with Adamme! He is full of happiness, love and encouragement, and we're both part Native American and Mexican, I just look more like my "part Swedish" side with my faux blonde! ha ha ha

Me being interviewed and using some major hand movements.

And this was followed up by a yummy dinner that where Ellie wanted to spend more time playing int he bathroom than eating! ha ha ha ha And I fell asleep with my phone in my hand as I thought I'ld send a tweet or facebook post or instagram out......ha ha ha ha

Ok after posting all these picture I'm tired! ha ha ha

Huge hugs and have an awesome day no matter what you do, who tried to ruin your day, you keep shining and smiling and know I'm cheering you on, love your virtual bff, Kandee

And here is my latest video that I uploaded last night, CLICK HERE if you don't see it:

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