Thursday, January 9, 2014

10 Things To Know About This Picture & Getting Ready For A Picture

Another Thursday, another time to dig through boxes of pictures remember, back when people actually printed out pictures! ha ha ha

1. I think this was the summer I turned 16.

2. I never wore this denim shirt besides in this picture.

3. Yes, I did those 2 strips of highlights myself. Ha ha ha ha

4. My hair was super long. As in down to my waist long.

5. People used to call me Pocahontas.

6. A lot more people called me Winnie, for Winnie Cooper from the show, The Wonder Years:

7. This is what I look like with a blue AND pink background and smiling.....I know, mind blowing. My cheeks puff right out when I smile. ha ha ha ha
 8. I had a job in the mall, I worked in a clothing store called, Contempo Casuals. It was like Forever 21, before there was a Forever 21. I basically just worked to pay for gas in my car and to buy my clothes.

9. I think I only have eyeliner on, I don't even think mascara was on my lasheroos.

10. I used to have nightmares about my hair being cut short. Ha ha ha And now look at me!

And to keep the fun train rolling, come watch my latest GET READY WITH ME: New Drive's License Photo Time.
SIDENOTE: I have not received my new driver's license in the mail yet, but as soon as I do, I'll post that bad boy up here!
Just click the triangle to watch:

Huge hugs from my little house to yours, make today awesome, or at least one little moment awesome, Kandee

PS. And if you want to see my People's Choice Fashion Picks from last night, click here to see what I picked on SheKnows

Click any or all of these to see all the stuff I HAVE to post for you guys all over the internet, ha ha:

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