Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday Post: 16 year old Wedding Guest Style

 So as we travel bak in time, to when I was 16, and at my cousins'd see me looking like this! My sister was standing  next to me, but I didn't think she'd want me showing off her 14 year old self without asking! ha ha ha ha

And below, you'll see the very unflattering picture of my myself- I think I had just turned at look at my mom and realized she was taking a picture and did this awful-smile-attempt! But my Nana, (she's my grama, but we call her Nana, and my great-grandma, who's still alive- well, we call her Grama. Or there'd be too many grama's, being called for at family events, we had to shake it up with Nana and "nana" seems to sound a wee bit younger than "grama".
And somehow me and my Nana seemed to be next to each other in all these picture, my mom and sister were on the opposite end of the group shot...but again, not sure how happy all my relatives would be of me posting all their early 90's hair and make-up on the internet! ha ha ha ha But my Nana looks beautiful, then and now! And I love that she has a hat on, we both share a love of hatwear!

And zip-zap-kapow....we've now returned safely from the 90's.

I'm off to go upload my new video, that I had to refilm twice last night, because I was totally out of focus after I finished the first one! But the 2nd time it came out even better!

happy thursday, your homegirl, Kandee

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