Tuesday, March 12, 2013

KaPOW! Look what time it is!

Hold onto your sassy pants...it's time for a new, jam-random-excitement-giveaway-filled video!
MY SHIRT ABOVE: is from TopShop and I heart it!

 Ellie made me put special "cupcakes on my hands"....I show you a sneek peek of how I make my blog and web banners...
 I'm also gonna show you my MOST ASKED ABOUT APP ON INSTAGRAM: Bokehful

 Show you the most awesome and big box that has ever showed up on my doorstep!
And I'm giving away the awesome neon bow bracelet you see here...
I'll be giving away the "DREAM" bracelet in my Feb Favorites Video which will be up this week too!
 And I'm announcing some fun things I'll be at and won;t be at...and one of the things I will be at, that I'm super excited about and I'll blog more about it soon, but it's The Blogcademy (which will finally be in LA, April 6-7)...some stylish blogcademy attendees...

And a HUMONGOUS thank you to all of you that voted for me in ROUND 1 OF THE RYAN SEACREST'S FAVORITE YOUTUBE MAKE-UP ARTIST CONTEST....
I made it to Round 2...
Keep me going by VOTING HERE- CLICK THIS

And only a couple more days left to vote for me, (SO many contests!) in the CIRCLE OF MOMS TOP VLOGGER CONTEST: CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Now sit back and let's watch the video:

hugs bigger than that crazy box....I love you, kandee

Success is not how many people you impress, it's how many people's hearts and lives you've made an impression on!

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