Friday, March 8, 2013

Dare to Wear Friday...and how to eat with red lipstick!

Awwww yeah....
Me and Lil Cupcake (AKE Ellie) in fron of the Cupcake ATM at the Sprinkles Cucpakes in fancy-pants, Beverly Hills.

If you've never worn red lipstick, you need to just try, It might feel like it's too crazy bold, if you've neer slapped some on your soup coolers, but you might just feel more glamorous and fun, than with any other  lipstick you've ever worn!
my red lip must have, CHERRY LIP LINER from MAC (that's it, that's all over)
OR my other red lip fav is THIS- red velvet lip color.

And this is how you have to eat a cupcake when you have red lipstick on...with a fork. SIDENOTE: I've never eaten a cupcake with a fork before this.

And if we break it down fashion style:
I've got on:
Black knit cardigan- Forever21
White Tank- Men's Hanes Tank
Boyfriend Jeans - River Island
Green Native American Hero Shirt- I got it at the Melrose Trading Post, it's handmade
*THE MOST AWESOME THING- after I posted this, a girl on facebook posted that she is related to Quanah Parker, who's image is on the shirt! How cool is that!?!
Red Boots- Breckell's Boots from PLNDR
Earring Cuff Chain -River Island

I went to River Island in London for the first time...and for all of us that don't live there, you can just order online! Isn't the internet awesome! People anywhere can order fashion right to their doorstep. And my boots are from PLNDR, which has those flash sales, so they might not even have them now...

Dare to to something different! Just one thing!
Even if it's trying red lipstick for the first time, or saying a nice thing to someone you'd normally be too afraid to, or just being a little more daring in how you dress...just for fun, try it! What have you got to lose...nothing!

Huge hugs and let's do our happy friday dance...and dont' forget tomorrow is the "Spring Forward" time change, well unless you live in Arizona...I can't stand this time change, it's like you just lose an on the time change, yay on friday!   Kandee

I still need some super voting power over the weekend guys, can ya help a sister out?

CONTEST #1- Ryan Seacrest Favorite Youtube Make-Up Artist CONTEST -ends SUNDAY I think
(yeah, I'm still losing...isn't that not very fun!?! ha ha ha)

CONTEST #2 - Circle Of Moms Top Mom Vlogger Contest (ends the next tuesday or wednesday)

ha ha ha I'm not winning on either one of them!! ha ha

Wanna see more of our Sprinkles Cupcake day....CLICKITY ON THIS

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