Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Prom

 Since Prom season is here, I thought it'd be fun to do a throwback thursday of my Prom experience!
That is me above, covering up my high school boyfriend, in case he doesn't want to be seen on the interweb! ha ha ha

Looking back, that dress made me look like I had ginormous boobs, which I totally did not and still do not! ha ha ha

As you can see, I did my own make-up, and I did not go get my hair done into a prom up-do, like most all the other girls who were in my school! ha ha ha
I love how you can see my little sister, Tiffany, watching me, but looking totally un-impressed with my hair do!

I think I had more fun getting ready for prom than the actual prom itself! ha ha ha ha

PROM JUNK: I think they gave us some ugly champagne glasses, that said PROM, on it, and some even uglier garter belt thing, that someone looked like it should have been for a bachelor party than prom! ha ha ha

And here's a little throwback video for ya too...
My "Classic Wedding or Prom Make-Up" video ....this was made 4 years ago, and just look at my poor video quality...ha ha ha ha:

happy, it's-almost-friday, your kandee

PS. if you wanna see my "Kandeeland" throwback, CLICK HERE.

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