Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glitter Tattoos!

I got a tattoo!
Ok, so it's just a glitter tattoo, but I love it!

I got my glitter tattoo at the Urban Decay booth at the Beauty Social on Saturday-
in turquoise ofcourse.
*Yes, I have the Starlight Glitter Body Art Kit , that comes with the tattoo stencils
and I talked about it in THIS VIDEO, but I hadn't actually put on one yet! I want to do this everyday now! ha ha ha
(even my mom got one- she loves sparkly things!)

They said it would last 4 days- even in the shower, and thought, "ok, we'll see..."
This is day #5 and I can't believe it still looks this good! This was after showering everyday, holding a baby with this arm and wearing long sleeve shirts that rubbed against it!

so if you want to dazzle up yourself for a few days with some fun glittery tattoos...this is the fun glitter-bomb!

sparkly arms... kandee

PS. would you guys wanna see a video "tutorial" on how to put the glitter tattoos on?


Anonymous said...

Yes I'd love to see a tutorial

noemi said...

I would love to see one plz

Anonymous said...

Yes please! I'd love to see one! :-)

LindaYL said...

I have no permanent tattoos so this is perfect for me! I so want it now!

Anonymous said...

More Halloween videos first please!

Anonymous said...

When is the tutorial for making a leather cuff???????

Anonymous said...

OMG those glitter tattoos are so adorable can't wait to get my hands on a kit and see the tutorial! BTW where or how do I get my freshly manicured hands on a kit?

idiadia said...

omg ...yes. I heart glittery stuff too, just like to mama

Natalia said...

Would love to see a "glitter tattoo" tutorial! Sparkles of Love, Natalia :)

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