Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sultra Winners

Don't worry if you didn't win this....I've got another big giveaway soon...someone's going to win a whole make-up artist make-up case filled with make-up!


3 winners of the GOLD SULTRA Wicked Flat Irons:
Brittni Marie

I just want to say you that you have all won my heart. I am so honored to have you all as my "Kandee Family" all are so excited for the winners, even if you didn't win, you guys are happy with the winners...that's why you guys are so awesome!

My favorite thing I heard was: "I will always be a Kandee Fan. I'm a FAN'DEE"!!!
That was hilarious!

Haters may have tried to take this contest video down by marking the video comments as spam, and I'm so sorry for all those that spent their valuable time writing comments- only to let the "haters" temporarily win.
But Youtube helped me...and we got the video back up!
From now on , to prevent that any time I have a contest or giveaway, we will only be able to have ONE COMMENT per entry.

This contest was hard to do that because some people had already had multiple entries on my blog already, or didn't read the post with the new rules. But, from now on it will be one post per entry on Youtube.

Thanks you guys for being so awesome. For showing love to your other "Kandee Family" members, for encouraging other with kind comments....
I just love you guys and think this is the best family around!

Hope you had fun! And as always if I don't hear from a winner in 48 hours, a new one will be chosen!

It's 3:15am.....and I was supposed to go to bed early...ha ha ha these contests are rough on me...ha ha ha....I already started to fall asleep...

love your kandee family mama....kandee


valxoxo48 said...

lucky girls!

valxoxo48 said...

lucky girls!

aysh07 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aysh07 said...

ohhh,u luky gurls..wish dat wer me..i despratly need sum new GUD straightners since ma lil1 monster kinda broke mine lol

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