Friday, October 28, 2011

Feather Flamingo Fantasy Make-Up

 Get ready to shake your eyelash feathers!

Here's a look I did a long time ago and never edited or uploaded!
It is a fantasy make-up look that was inspired by:
marie antoinette period make-up
flamenco dancers
just being creative and inspired by my drawer of craft goodies
here's what I used:
I used any liquid foundation and powder
#2 HOT PINK LIP LINER ~ NYX Lip Liner in Pinky
#3 Pink and Frosty Pink Lip Color ~ Kryolan Mini Lip-Rouge Palette in LP
#4 Frosty Pink Eyeshadow ~ Da Bling eyeshadow from MAC
#5 Matte Milky Pink Eyeshadow- Yogurt Eyeshadow from MAC
#6 White Eyeshadow - Chill or Gesso Eyeshadow from MAC
#7 Hot Pink Feather Eyelashes - I got mine at Walmart but here's some you can find online too!
#8 HOT PINK BLUSH (I used for eyeshadow and blush) ~ any hot pink blush! I used DEEP PINK from MAC, it's a pro color so that means you can't get it at all the MAC stores- me no likey that part, but any hot pink blush will do the job!
#9 BLACK EYELINER ~ any will work, but my fav is SMOLDER from MAC
I also added some green to the outer corners in the picture above and under the eye...I made this video so long ago (and didn't film that part), I have no idea what I used...any green will work!

GOODIES in my HAIR (wig):
I used a 80's style crimped rocker wig that I pinned ud to look more girly
I added green jewels above one eyebrow (from Michaels craft store)
I wrapped my hair in a piece of pink tulle
I stuck gold glitter branches in the wig
A little fake green bird
A Lavender ribbon
I twisted wire into Pink Plastic Diamonds and pinned them in my hair

white vintage-inspired necklace from Forever21
Turquoise Top I got on Olvera Street in LA
Yellow Belt-corset thing I got at Flasher on Melrose
Pink petticoat-tutu I got at Polka Dots & Moonbeams in LA

I had better pic taken of this look, but they got lost, so I don't even remember what shoes I had on! ha ha ha

Hope you guys like this fun fantasy look...
here it is...
an oldie but a goodie!

feathers, flamingo pink, fantasy, fun and flashback video.....
your feather fandee

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