Saturday, October 15, 2011

Do you want Magnetic Nails?

 Ever wanted a super power, like becoming invisible or being able to fly?
Ok so those may be a little unreal, but having MAGNETIC NAILS is not!

so what's a magnetic polish do, we are both wondering?

After you've applied your polish, the cap has a special part with a magnet that you put on top of the polish when it's dry and  it creates these cool 3D, textured designs!

There are two magnetic polishes named after iconic London attractions: Trafalgar Square (chrome-above) and Houses of Parliament (purple).

You can order this or just go in and buy it at Sephora: CLICK HERE for the LINK.

And maybe if you are looking for change, you can just stick your hands in your purse and you'll come out with coins stuck to your fingernails! Hey, this polish is going to be more than a's going to help you find spare change! ha ha ha
Just kidding...but I really want to see what this looks like or feels like in person!

now magnetic lipstick...that would really be something!
polish and magnets...your kandee


Semi said...

I already ordered trafalgar square online. I'm just waiting for my actual nail polish to chip, so I can try on the new one. Once I've tried i'll tell you about it. Greetings from Ecuador

Anonymous said...

Cool in theory but wouldnt it mess up any electronic you touched? Or demagnitize your credit cards?

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