Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i am at typing this from the Youtube headquarters...

....I normally post in the morning...
this morning was a little crazy....
I have spent all day at The Youtube offices....I am typing this from the Youtube offices.
They are having a meet-up with some Youtubers.
It is amazing here.
They have giant slides, scooters, a rock climbing wall, meeting rooms with funny names like "Yo Dawg".

There are other Youtubers here....I felt like a nerd and ate lunch alone.

Youtube has crazy amounts of security. They told me how crazy some "internet-angries" are and how much security they have. You think the "hater comments" are bad, imagine the people that show up to Youtube! ha ha ha

I don't have much time to type...but I  had zero time to type this morning and my post from last night for some reason did not save!

so may I humbly present this blog post...typed from the Youtube offices...
wishing I had grabbed one of the brownies from the snack table... your kandee

1 comment:

Chelsea.Nunez said...

Hi Kandee!!!
Me & my boyfriend are planning our wedding:)

& we were looking to hire a makeup artist... I was wondering if you could do my makeup:)
I just want to feel beautiful(:
I've been really self concious after I had my now 10 month old son...

You are by far the best makeup artist I've ever seen!
If you could please email me that would be great((:


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