Friday, September 16, 2011

Yes, Nigel Barker knows my name!

Please look who I'm talking to: Me and famed photographer and judge on America's Next Top Model, Nigel Barker
where: NYC Fashion Week at the Pamella Rowland show

And this video is on Nigel Barker's blog...
look, it really is:
after talking to Nigel, I am even a bigger fan of him- he is so kind, funny and I love what he says about not getting enough sleep: 
"sleep is for amateurs"-nigel barker

Speaking of no sleep...please watch what my tired brain (which was getting about 3 hours a night after blogging) comes up with instead of America's Next Top Model....I know this show, I've watched it for years, I love America's Next Top Model!! I know the name, I know he's on ANTM...
And what do I say: Project Runway! Really Kandee, really? Project Runway
So stinkin' soon as it came out of my mouth I thought,- "what just came out of your mouth, Kandee?"- I have no idea why I said project runway!
Good thing Nigel is sweet and we just laughed about it!

And as will see me make at least 234 expressions with my face. Yeah, I know...I've been told for years that I am a "facial gymnast"! And no one needs to comment about the awful faces I made or how I stood there with my mouth open in amazement... I'm fully aware of how ugly that looked since I saw it! And I have been warned that I since I'm so "expressive" with my face and smile a lot, that I will have lots of wrinkles. That's great.
You may not even notice me at all...and might just be mesmerized by Nigel.

 Please just watch the intro to this video- it is my favorite.
All I can say is Nigel Barker, said my name!!!!

thanks for loving me and all my mistakes....and for giving me loving comments even when I feel like "mentally beating myself up"...ah life is full of imperfections and that's what makes us real!
Project Runway?!....oh brother...
love your Kandee

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