Monday, September 19, 2011

The Emmy Awards: like Cinderella at the Ball

I felt like Cinderella that got to go to the ball! This was me on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards last night in LA.
(they don't announce all the Emmy nominations on tv, but I really hope that How Do I Look won, they were nominated and I will be on their big 2 -hour special as a guest judge and make-up artist on October 17th, Monday at 8 I think, on the Style channel)
This was my ticket to the Emmy Awards and then my ticket for the Governors Ball dinner afterwards, in case anyone wanted to know what they look like!
This was my team of awesome friends that made me feel AND look like a princess! (i love these girls!)
Even though I do my hair and sweet friends said they wanted me to feel like a princess and they both wanted to do my hair and make-up for me so I could feel fancy! I love them both!
Bethanie Triplette on the left (blondie), did my hair and the fabulous, Priscilla Ono, who I met through our friend and amazing make-up artist, Sharon Gault aka Mama Make-Up, who works on Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and with David LaChapelle - Priscilla assists her and work on celebs like Paris Hilton too. I was honored that Priscilla did my make-up- Sharon was busy doing celebs for the red carpet. These girl made me look so pretty!
Me and Priscilla, making me look "red-carpet make-up ready"...we laughed and talked about our love for finding $1 vintage earrings, changing hair colors, and a million other topics...I love her!
All dressed, hair and make-up done...and ready to head out the door!
 my glitter-tastic nail: from the Urban Decay Nail Polish collection - I put a base coat color of Gunmetal, then 2 coats of the rainbow golden, Ziggy, glitter color! My Emmy nail bling!
I bought my clutch at a cheap place at the Grove for $20, vintage earrings I bought at an antique store for 5 dollars, Stella &  Dot bracelet that was a gift- I have no clue how much it cost, the dress is a loaner- it's a Versace - it was amazing- it weighs about 30 pounds with all the fabric! I have no clue how much it costs, because I just borrowed it...but I'm sure it's more than I could ever afford! It was so fun to wear and made me look thinner than I really am!
Necklace was BCBG, I don't know how much that cost either. And my ring was $5 for the cheap store at The Grove, again! ha ha ha
Me and my friend, Elena, from, laughing in the lobby. I got to invite another "beauty insider" to come with me, so Elena came with me to laugh, bring as many Governor's ball cake-pops home, and limp with me in our painful shoes back to our hotels.
Dina Ousley, of Dinair, creator and originator of using make-up and airbrushing together, and me...backstage where they were the official make-up for the Emmy's and the Governor's Ball! I even got airbrushed with setting spray so my pretty make-up Priscilla did would have even more staying power!

I love Dina! She taught me how to do airbrush make-up. I was so honored she invited me to go backstage and to go with her to the Emmy's and the Governor's ball! She had to leave early to fly out to Toronto because they are opening in Sear's stores in Canada there this today! I love you Dina...thank you for making a dream come true!
 this was just one of the 120 faces they airbrushed in an was amazing! The black and white designs were created by Dina...the coolest stencils...and they air-brushed everyone's faces that would be working at the Governor's ball with these amazing desings that were all different- waiters, bartenders, the mimes, the acrobats- it was incredible!
This was inside the Governor's was black and white and amazing! That's a girl standing on top of a 3-story silver dress blowing bubbles! And the band played "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey- one of my favorite songs....that was such a  moment for me- No matter where you've been in life or how awful your life may seem....Don't stop believing....things are waiting in your future that feel like dreams coming this moment was for me.
me walking out on the black and white carpet with my two boxes of cake-pops, my clutch, my Emmy book, my phone that was too big to fit in my clutch...and 2 very very painful feet...we alked very slowly and semi-limping back to the hotel which seemed to take soooo long!

I was still in amazement and I unclipped all the hair-extension clips and removed my fake lashes and washed away all the fun "dazzling" from the night...
and as I left the door man gave me the best compliment ever- he said, "hands down the most stunning dress of the night!"..... I told him he "made my night"...A mom of 4 that just had a baby 7 months ago..couldn't enjoy that compliment more!
huge love and fancy ruffley Versace dresses, that I could never afford to buy (ha ha), kandee-ella

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