Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ELLE Magazine- the beauty closet!

(what I'm wearing: besides baby- Hanes Mens white tank top, gold lace shirt that I love, by Isabel Lu , leather petal shorts by Pavonine - I borrowed the lace shirt and shorts and wished I owned them...they are amazingo! boots- Minnetonka 5-layer fringe boot- so comfy, they're like slippers -for reals! Chewbeads Cornelia bracelet in punchy pink)
where: Inside the Elle Magazine offices- New York City
I ran into Bryan Boy in the lobby
looking at a giant cover...everything is more fun when it's super-sized...
i am in love with the giant lipstick and giant perfume bottle in, Emily Dougherty's, the beauty editor of Elle, office.
...I make this face when I'm excited!
I am in the beauty closet of Elle Magazine! This is like every girls be in a room with almost every beauty product from polish to Dior lipgloss to perfume!
 if you could zoom would see these green and blue bins with names like: Cle De Peau, Chanel, Dior and ofcourse MAC and every name you've ever thought of for make-up!
 this was just a sampling of the hair shelves....this wasn't even hair brushes, hair pastes or wigs!
I love Emily at Elle! She even let me pick out some things...I felt like I won a contest myself! Me picking some fun polish colors and almost having an overwhelmed-with-excitement attack! She held lil' Baby while I picked things out- and may I mention that she loved Emily too!
a bejeweled Vaseline jar! ha ha ha ha
leaving the Elle to the sad to leave NYC....but what a fun "last adventure" to have....
FINALE: taxi cab (make-up: a combo of make-up forever hot pink, orange and coral lipliners with similar shades of blush on lips for lip color, L'Oreal Invisilift foundation, Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Minx- a turquoise liner for just  colored wing, MAC Opulash mascara)...headed to the airport...

this day felt like a dream..... hope you liked being a butterfly on my shoulder to see everything... hugs and love...kandee

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