Thursday, September 15, 2011

The craziest, most bedazzled and jeweled cell phone case

what is that?
Me with the famous fashion blogger, BryanBoy, outside the Helmut Lang show in NYC...Bryan posing with my phone!
He said he would pay me to make him one!
(another blogger wanted to take a picture of our phones being friends...mine with jewels, hers with swarovski crystals and a jeweled bunny!)
It's a DIY iphone case I created, made, and yes there will be a tutorial soon!
is it heavy?
you bet your data plan it's heavy!
can you put it in your pocket?
only if you wanna rock shredded-hair band pants!

This was my "phones-down" most photographed thing....even an editor at TeenVogue tweeted about me and my DIY phone case!
 Bedazzled, bejewelled, be-fantastic phone with me in a taxi- I'm telling you this was the accessory of all accessories! This baby was being so photographed by magazines  and bloggers from all over the world that people would see me  and my phone again and tell me I need to start a fan page for my "Kandee Jeweled" phone!
up close and personal

She, (my phone) is delicate...and me running around dropping her in my purse, is in need of jewel repairs....but as my friend Emily, the beauty editor of Elle said: "can you imagine how happy a little girl will be finding one of those jewels on the sidewalk?"

I want to go buy bags of jewels to sprinkle on sidewalks to make people smile at the treasure-sparkle they'll find....
bags of gems ad hugs...kandee

PS... yes a tutorial is on it's way soon!

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Anonymous said...

Did u ever make a video on this?

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