Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good Bye New York... hello Hollywood!

view out the back window as we headed to the airpor (so sad, we didnt't want to leave yet....I love NYC!)...(I kinda wanna enlarge this photo and hang it on my mom snapped this as we, sadly left NYC, it felt like we just got there.)

Fashion Week was a dream-dream-dream come true! I have soooo many pictures and videos from fashion week to upload, I don't even know where to start!

But today I am super excited because I have been invited to the Emmy Awards in LA...that is the big awards show for television. It is this Sunday...

Bonus side note: The 2- HOUR special of the show, HOW DO I LOOK Worst Dressed in America special, airs on Monday October 17th @  9/8c
I am a special guest judge and the make-up artist that helps transform the make-overs! And HOW DO I LOOK is nominated for an Emmy!

Thank you everyone for being a part of my all are with me in my heart! 

So I need a fancy plan of ordering a vintage dress from ebay -didn't go well- dress does not fit anywhere close to right. I'm going to hunt for a dress need a fancy ball gown for the Emmys. And I don't have get ready to see me fancier than you've ever seen me before!

And I might even do something I never do.....
I might have my friend Priscilla Ono, do my make-up. I always do my own make-up...but I think it will be fun to see how she does my make-up!!! And she's has great style and is a celeb make-up artist that works on celebs like Paris Hilton and Rihanna....I think this will be so fun to see how she does my make-up!

stay tuned for how I look.....

from east coast to west coast...your westy-coasty kandee 

ps. I feel like a cool person this week....I can't believe all these blessings!...see, I told ya...God gives you beautiful blessings for all the ashes of heartache we experience in life...I am so thankful for every sparkle of goodness! I'm even thankful for the hard times I've had in life- they make me appreciate the blessings even more!

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