Sunday, September 18, 2011

I can't believe it! I'm going to the Emmy Awards!

(Alani, me with baby in her sling, Blakey was taking a break in the stroller with my mom- who took this, at the The Grove in LA)
I try to keep all my posts about my babies and "everyday life" on my blog...but this was too precious...
this was us yesterday...trying to shop for things like a "fancy" purse that I need for today to go with me to the Emmy Awards, which are the big Hollywood awards for everything on the telly or aka tv.

I am so excited....I have always watched these shows on tv, wondering what it would be like to get to dressed up and be there touching your heels on the red carpet! And lil' ol' me gets to go!! I can't believe it! I am so excited!

This is such an amazing example of all the times I felt so sad because my life felt sad and painful and I couldn't see around the bend in the road that blessing were waiting...
I am so thankful...and God has truly blessed me... it's true he will give you "beauty for ashes"..he will give you blessings for all the hard things you've been through when you trust him with your heart!

I am so rejoicing...if I just could've told myself when I was sad and crying....far from the place I wanted to be, far from my career, far from being in a good relationship, far from being anywhere semi-close to any kind of red carpet....just watching these award shows on tv wondering what it would be like to be there!
I will be there...and you are all in my heart with me! If I could fit you all in my lil sparkly purse I got at the last minute...wait til you see it, you'll never believe how cheap it was! hee hee hee, I would!

I am so rejoicing and dancing the thankful dance for every lil and big blessing in my life! I try to never get all "religious" on you guys...but I just had to say publicly: "Thank you my Savior Jesus, you are the reason and the only reason I am able to be so happy and you are the one who has replaced all the hurt in my life with beautiful blessings!"

Please insert me dancing my happy dance!!! Yay, running around my me room to get ready for the Emmy's---I can't believe it! (screams of excitement!)

Can't wait to show you guys my dress and hair and everything!!!

And I thought the last time I got all fancy was my prom! Woo hoo.......

hugs the size of the biggest prom hair you've ever seen.....your kandee

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