Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to do hard things:

we CAN do hard things...
life is hard.
things go wrong.
your heart will hurt.
we will get sick again.
someone will make us mad and hurt our feelings.
and frustrated.
if you watch the news all the time you will get angry or depressed.
(mostly likely both)
there really isn't an EASY button for anything worthwhile.

Hard things, difficult things, things that hurt...
these make us stronger, they make us into people that say, "you know what? I've been through a lot, and these little problems are not going to stop me."
We can DO hard things.
We can survive painful situations and come out even more beautiful for having been broken into tinier, smaller, and more light reflective little pieces. Remember my disco ball saying- it's like the shattered mirror that is more sparkly because it's been broken.

You can either sit and dwell on all the hard things in your life and keep re-living all the awful things in your life OR
you can learn to say, this isn't gonna get me down...instead of dwelling on problems or all the bad stuff, I'm going to stop and start thinking about all my good stuff.

We can survive.
We can choose to let ourselves love someone new and not people that hurt us, cheat on us, or try to hurt us.
We can leave an abusive relationship.
We can heal from wounds by people that have hurt us.
We can grow stronger and more understanding from the hard things we've been through.
We can grow better, not bitter.
We can find a way to take care of our family.
We can choose to forgive people- it frees you from walking around with the pain of what they've done to you.
We can  choose wisdom and stay away from those that have hurt us.
We can be the change in our families.
We can spread light to a dark world.
We can love someone and forgive them for awful things they've done.
We can smile more.
We can give people compliments more -just watch what happens when you do.
We can be happy and dance with joy.
We can cry out to God to help us and hold us up when we can't go on.
We can realize that we have the power to have an imperfectly, awesome life.
And we can realize that the most beautiful lives aren't the perfect ones...
the most beautiful lives are when people had, have or are going through hard things and they become the coal...the coal that goes through so much pressure, it turns into a diamond.

Live like you mean it.

Just like when we work our and our muscles get sore...they tear, the very muscle fiber gets torn..but after it heals, the muscle become bigger, stronger...ready to do "harder" things than it did before.

We are like that too....we are going to have bigger hearts and stronger minds for all the tears in our heart...
We are in this together, you're not alone. Know that even though things seem hard, tell yourself:
WE CAN DO HARD THINGS! Bring it on baby! We can do it! Nothin's gonna stop us, scare us, or make us give up.

We Can do it. You can do it! I'm cheering you on, sending you love, and a whole lot of you are not alone-ness.

I love you AND We Can Do Hard Things. Decide today to live like you mean it.

love, hugs, and if no one told you you're awesome today and they they love you:

"You are so awesome and I love you soooo muchy much!"... love kandee

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