Saturday, August 6, 2011

Glamour and Cartwheels at the newsstand!

WHAT: the September "Mega Issue" (I did not just make that up, it says that on the cover) of GLAMOUR Magazine...with Rihanna, showing off some sparkle-tastic pants and hotter-than-a-jalepeno, red hair!

I bought 2 of these bad boys today, and did cartwheels (on the inside) as I flipped through all the the grocery store!

Why did I buy 2 and do mental cartwheels?  (insert more cartwheelin' excitement)...
because guess what  page 238 looks like?

you bet your eyeballs....that is a picture of yours truly....see it says right there: Kandee Johnson

*the article features (me), Michelle Phan - the most subscribed beauty guru on youtube, Samantha Maria - the beauty from the UK (she is so incredibly beautiful, I love her accent, and she said I inspired her-biggest hugs and so proud of you Samantha!), JulieG713- she's such a sweety - we text all the time, The Fowler sisters - so happy for them taking over LA since they moved there, and Pixiwoo- the dueling sister duo.

thank you to my fellow west coast friend, Andi Elloway, who took this photo for me when we both happened to be in NYC at the same time...I had a nice picture to give them....thanks Andi

It is always to incredible to see a picture of yourself in a magazine!!! I wanted to show all the people around me in the grocery store..."look! look! that's me!!! oh my!!! Do you wann do a cartwheel with me?!?"....ha ha ha ha But that would be weird, so I just handed the cashier lady, my magazine with a huge smile on my face and said thanks!

huge love and hugs from me and page 238 in Glamour Magazine....
your Kandee Johnson
(another cartwheel from my heart to yours)

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Anonymous said...

I live in ireland and usually only buy the english glamour, but I'm going to buy the american one just to see you!! :)

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