Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beauty for your Teeth: Teeth Tattoos?

(source: JapanTrends)
As you know....
I try to bring you guys the most cool, up-to-the minute,
 most practical beauty and style tips around...
and if "Tooth Tattoos" doesn't say practical...
I don't know what does?!?

Missing that certain something with your smile?
BLAM! Add a lady bug to your lateral incisor.

You've whitened your teeth to a level "blindingly white" and still not getting the sparkle you want?
BLIM BLAP SHAPOW! Add a bling to your bicuspid or cuspid.
ok, this is not new, nor is it a tattoo, but it's from the same Japanese creators that are setting trends in Japanese temporary teeth tattoos - a temporary tattoo is placed with special glue, said to last a few days.

Or say you are a real devoted fan of  Prince William and the princess, formerly known as Kate Middleton:
(source: randomization)

The real deal is:
Teeth Tattoos are not a new Trend (note the British guy above, did that months go in the UK)- And Steven Heward, the Tooth Artist, has been tattooing teeth for 30 years, here in the USA. Look at these! He is amazing- these are paintings on teeth! For tooth-crying-out-loud!

Say you want to get a picture of your boyfriend (horrible idea, just an example) or the next best way to one-up your Justin Bieber fan-friend...
get a picture of the "Beebs" permanently "tattooed" on your tooth by the Tooth Artist, himself.
 Take that everyone that said teeth tattoos are a new thing.

 Maybe you only want to dazzle up your choppers for 24 hours-
 a pair of red lips on your front tooth or maybe a smiley face emoticon anyone? has been selling these babies too!
They say the "teeth tattoos" will stay in place for 24 hours, depending on your oral habits. Pen chewers, this may not be for you.
I think you have to have this done at the dentist.

What do you think? Is there anything you'd get tattooed on your teeth?
This is one tutorial I will NOT be doing.
your plain ol', boring toothed, Kandee

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Oana Roxana said...

That is so not beautiful! =))
-Dude,you have something on your teeth!
-Oh,is just prince William...

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