Friday, August 12, 2011

The BEST, Dirty Hair Secret: Dry Shampoo

Don't you just wish your hair was wig-perfect everyday...
you could count on it to look a certain way. Truth is wild one day, cute then next- but you don't know what you did...
or maybe the trick is that hair always looks great when it's "one-day-old-dirty"...yep, right when you are about to climb in the shower and your bangs and face framing fringe are falling at the perfect angle, you have volume right in the places you's time to get it sudsy because you're getting in the shower!
what's a head of hair gotta do to have cute hair?!?
You want the secrets of a celeb hair stylist, like my friend, Mr. Kim Vo...
and why he says, especially if you color treat your hair, do NOT wash everyday.
(well, unless you work somewhere or do things that make your hair stink or you are an aerobics instructor or a you are a swimming instructor...then I don't know what to tell ya)
(Kim and Me...and my face looks particularly extra chubby those kinds of pictures)...
Think of it like powdering your face when it gets oily...but it's like powdering your hair!
or like I used to do in High School...use baby powder at the roots to absorb any excess oil and give your hair a volumizing boost.

(whew, say that 5 times real fast)

and if you think you'd like to try the "old school" hair powder shampoo, Oscar Blandi makes this too:
I know there are other Dry Shampoos out there and I've tried some others...but this is my favorite..and it's what's actually under my bathroom sink...and what I take with me when I travel.

love me some day old-but shampoo sprayed hair....
the cleanest, dirty hair you'll ever have....kandee

Get cozy, get a snack, a hair brush...whatever, and come hang out with me in this video:

PS. I don't like washing, conditioning and then blow drying and then flat ironing (this all takes so long) and then crimping....(ok so I don't crimp my hair but it sounded fun)

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SaraƩ said...

Thank you! I was just complaing to my brother yesterday how my hair still smelled all nice and shampoo-clean but was oily so I needed to wash it already. I f that sentence made any sense. :P

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