Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crafting Saturday

this is what my kitchen table looks like...
I need to make a "kan-tastic" outfit for myself...

I will be waking up at the crack-of-darkness (yes complete with my entourage of mommyness) to fly out to work on a tv show, Monday morning or I should say, more like "not long after midnight on Sunday..."

And instead of me putting make-up on people that will be on tv...I get to just put make-up on myself! Because I get to be in front of the camera! (insert me cartwheeling all over my yard) I'll tell you more about it later, when I can talk about it! yay-sicles!

Anyway...I have to come up with some outfits for myself-
enter crafting saturday:
I have craft supplies
Thrift store finds waiting to be transformed
I will show you my DIY wonders (if they come out like I plan!)

off to start cutting, gluing, and creating (yay!)....
running with scissors and glue guns....your kandee

1 comment:

Tayler Worrell said...

I love tables that look like this! can't wait to see your amazing diy-ness to come!!
<3 <3

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