Tuesday, August 16, 2011

make-up in the car...

(and no I'm not driving...ha ha, I'm just a backseat-make-up-applier)
what had happened before this picture was taken in the car, after landing at LAX airport at 8:20am...
(what lipliner is that you ask? It's a bright orange lipliner from Make-Up Forever, Aqua Lip liner in 17C...it's been my "fun color" MUST of mine,  for months now. It is ridicuoulsy long-lasting, water-proof, saliva proof, doesn't transfer onto anything - even little babies foreheads you kiss. They use this on the artists that perform in Cirque Du Soleil that need to be waterproof.)

type blogs, pack  and still trying to "create" outfits, and keep putting a little baby that's teething -back to sleep every half an hour, shower and do my hair and make-up until 3:30am
(yes...notice how no sleep fit into that schedule...ha ha ha)
load up the car and little traveling guests

4am- to the time this picture was taken at about 9am
check bags, go through security, fly on a miniature plane,
land, get bag with all the outfits I spent hours preparing, find person driving us to set (for the show I was working on, can't wait to tell you....some days I just want to jump up and down and tell God, "thank you soooooo much for blessing me!!!!!"...only God knew all those days I felt so down and depressed in my past, and could never imagine that my life could or would ever get better...that He had this in store for my future! If things are bad right now...please just keep waiting...you have a sparkling, jump up and down day waiting for you too, you can't see it, but it's there! I promise...just keep resting in that hope!

i had no mirror...so I was so glad I brought the new 15 year Urban Decay palette that has mirrored packaging (see above picture-roonie) and the mini-mirror in the NAKED palette helped out too!
I must say, I was quite impressed with how well my lipliner came out despite applying it in crazy stop and go traffic!
 leaving LAX airport on the way to the set...my make-up had already been on for hours and hours, except my lips...I save those for very last. (they get messed up the easiest and I was doing a fun bright color)
Good thing I know how to cover up bags and rings under my eyes...I was tired on the inside but didn't let it show in the outside! When I got to set I had no time to do any  touch-ups, just throw my outfit on, spray some weird hairspray on, they had in the bathroom...and run.

I feel yucky...off to go drink lots of water, hope my eyes stop hurting and that my sinus pressure takes a hike...
giant airplane cargo size amounts of love... your kandee with a box of tissue close by

Click here to see what I did as soon as we wrapped filming...yay!

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