Monday, August 29, 2011

leopard pants and sunglasses

(shirt: chaser collection- I scored this at Marshall's.  leather cuff: I made it- tutorial to come! horn necklace: Forever 21 leopard pants: Forever 21 shoes: Steve Madden Sunglasses: Sabre in Runaway
Gold Spike Ring: BCBG, I snapped it up for $9 on super clearance at Dillard's)
(somedays it's too hot to feel hair on my neck and I think of when I had shaved my head to a pretty much, shortness that only boys wear. My neck was always cool and I got ready really fast.)

where: I wore this to my friend's baby shower....realized when I got there, it was a good thing I brought my flip flops. It was outdoors in a hilly, wobbly, grassy, beautiful backyard. 15 steps into the baby shower I realized I would be headed to the emergency room with a broken ankle if I took another step in these babies. I went barefoot in the grass until I put my flip flops on to trek back to the car.

I am in love with these leopard pants from Forever 21- I only wish they were less rust-orange-brown and a wee bit cooler more tan-camel brown.

I once read someone wrote that leopard print never goes out of style it's always a classic...and I quite agree.
Maybe my next hair do should be leopard print.

Do you own a favorite leopard print item? what is it?

leopard print love....your kandee walla bandee

CLICK this if you wanna see more pictures from my adventure in baby showerness.

1 comment:

mariekegosens said...

hai kandee.
I like leopard print to. I have a t-shirt that i love and some earrings. I rally like your legging. And i love reading your blog evry daY.
Lots of hugs and kisses

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