Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nars Make-Up Tutorial & a HUGE CONTEST!!!

Smokey eyes are in for fall (well at least one of the things hot for fall)...and when aren't smokey eyes "in" anyway...
so NARS asked me to recreate this look from the book for their website...
I said "yeah, that'll be fun!"...
(side note: Nars didn't pay me a penny, and doesn't even know I made a video or this blog about it. I'm just so excited I want one of you guys to win!)
then when I went to go look at the site, I saw that NARS is giving away a FREE trip to NYC for Fashion Week! 
*FREE airfare *FREE fancy hotel *FREE dinners at the coolest restaurants *FREE consultation at the NARS flagship store and YOU GET TO GO BACKSTAGE TO THE SHOWS at FASHION WEEK!!!
Yes, please do a cartwheel of excitement right now, with me!

I am not entering the contest so you guys don't need to vote for me, but you can go see the picture I uploaded to the NARS website HERE. Go and recreate ANY of the looks on their website and upload your picture so one of you guys can win!
I was so excited to tell you guys about this...I totally forgot to do my other eyebrow in the video! ha ha ha
I didn't even realize it until I went to take the picture to upload after I made the video! ha ha ha ha

So come and watch the tutorial..this look is so gorgy-beautiful! I love it! And for any of my girls with brown eyes -this look sets brown eyes off like nobody's business. It looks great on all eye colors - but this is a double thumbs up for us chocolate chip eyes!

Now get comfy in your seat, chair, bean bag, bed or hammock...and let's get ready to hang out and I'll show you how to do this look:

PLEASE BE WARNED again: I was so excited I DID NOT fill in my right warned in case you are scared of my un-defined eyebrow! ha ha ha

oh here's the list of what I used:
NARS eye duos in
TZARINE (shimmery butter color & shimmery grey-taupe)
MISFIT (ecru- beige off white & teal-emerald green)
CAMARGUE duo cream (light green gold and brown gold)
black eyeliner
black mascara from MAC Optimum Opulash
Illegal (brown-pink)& Wicked (rose-pink) lipliners from Urban Decay
NYX frosted pink lipliner in Flower
Frosted Pink from Korres lipstick in Frosted Pink (ha ha ha)
Turkish Delight lipgloss from NARS (it's a pale bubble gum pink)

your one-eye-browed make-up pirate.... love you with both my eyebrows, kandee

ps. please guys post the links to your picture on the makeupyourmind site or your picture in the comments below so we can all vote for everyone...I really want one of you guys to win this awesome contest!!!

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