Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The next wave in nails: 3D nail decals!

 "what's on your nails?!?"....I got asked that all day! hee hee
It is the Sephora Nail Bling - in the white basket weave, which name doesn't match...
they look like little diamonds on your fingers and sparkle like liquid silver on your nails.

These don't even compare to the Sally Hansen Nail Stickers...these are wayyyy better. These babies are great. They went on super easy, no drying time, because they are just nail decal-sticker polish. Even the sales girl at Sephora, where I bought mine said these were amazing and wayyy better than Minx!
They kinda remind me of diamond plate, you know that stuff that tools boxes are made of:
Pictures don't do these babies justice.
They feel like they are are as strong as this tool box too. And when I took them off, my nails felt stronger and sturdier too! They lasted for days, and would've lasted longer but I took them off. I've heard when applied to the toes they've lasted for up to 3 weeks!

I got tons of compliments on them....everyone stopped and asked, "what is on your nails?", "where'd you  get those?", "how'd you do that"...because they are like having 3-D nails...they feel so cool and textured- so not like, flat ol' polish!

If you wanna give them a try my other favorite was the gold bubbles...
bling-it-on...nails...bling it on....
these nails are so fun!!!
love love love, kandee

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