Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to Make Gold Studded Glitter Heels!

Wanna rocker up, add some edge to some shoe, just waiting to be dazzled in your closet?
Here's a quick DIY shoe-style project that took me less than 5 minutes to create!
(probably realistically like 3 minutes!)
Like Ruby slippers...but black and with platforms and with gold studs...
ok nothing like ruby slippers except for the glitter...
but they are heel-tastically awesome!
BEFORE: on the left   AFTER: gold studded wonders on the right

Here's how to make em:
*pair of black (glitter is optional) platform heels
-but you could do this to any shoe...a boot, wedge, anything!)
I got mine at Off Broadway (a big discount shoe wearhouse) -
they are by Eva & Zoe in style: Marvela

*Bling Dimensional sticker from Jolee's
-I got mine at Michael's craft

*(optional) Quick Grip All Purpose Permanent Adhesive
If don't want them to be permanent, you can just use the stick them on with the adhesive that's on them and then pry them off with your fingers and you have  a fresh new shoe canvas!

-peel off "gold stud" sticker and place them in whatever pattern you like
they stay on pretty well with just the adhesive on them, however if you want to make them permanent you need to use a strong glue
-a good idea is to place them on the shoe with just the adhesive-sticky stuff on the gold stud stickers first, to make sure like the way you've put them on, then pull them off, apply  the strong (permanent) glue and you'll make sure you didn't glue a pattern you're not happy with on!
-apply a tiny amount of permanent adhesive  glue, like the Quick Grip, to the back and place on the shoe
-let glue cure (just follow directions on the tube) or if you just stuck them on...get ready to show
off your new show-stopper shoes!
(me in my new shoes.....I don't know why my right leg looks tanner than my other leg..ha ha weirdy)
oooh if you like this...wait til you see the SUPER-AWESOME project I'm working on to dazzle takes a bit more time than this look....but so amazing I want to frame them! Stay tuned to see them as soon as I finish them!!!!! yeeeee
the click clack of glittery heels.......(even though I mostly just wear sneakers and flip-flops)...
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