Sunday, August 28, 2011

We have a winner!

wow! out of nearly 200,000 comments...
the random winner...
and I prayed that the winner would be someone who would really need it...before I began the random selection.

the winner is:

(Please email me ForeverHope36, at the email address I messaged you with on youtube- do not message me on youtube, I'll never find your message, I get way too many on there! hee hee)

after she was selected, I wanted to read all her comments, as I began to read each one of her comments I wanted to cry...(and some of her comments were just about loving the palette and then I read the comments that she battled cancer and would watch my videos on the hospital) and I  discovered just how much she deserves this!  Her story is on youtube...she has battled cancer and has been through so much and I think she is amazing and so brave! I am so excited that she won.

(And no, people with tragic stories are not how I pick the winners! You don't have to have a huge story to win, but this was awesome that I learned of her story as I read all her comments after she had been chosen!)...but this was just an incredible selection. I'm sure many of you have stories that would bring tears to my eyes too. You all are so precious to me! I am sending you hugs and prayers for each one of you going through something hard, painful or scary. My love is being sent right now from my heart to yours!)

I love guys so much...each one of you is so precious to me! Tonight I met two girls in Whole Foods that came up and asked "are you kandee johnson?"...
It is such an honor to be a part of each of your lives...I can't put into words what it means to me to know that for any part of your day, that you share your precious time with me, I am beyond honored and so very blessed to be a part of your life and you guys are all my greatest blessing.

Just like when I got to meet the 2 sweet girls in Whole Foods tonight, the second they say hi, I hug them, learn their's like we are dear old friends that I've always known. I feel your love and I thank you for your encourage my heart so much.

I really wish I  had hundreds of thousands of these palette to give to each one of you! And I am so proud to see how awesome you all guys are excited for the winner and congratulate them! I just love you guys and how awesome you all are!

Each one of you is a part of this page, a part of the kandeejohnson channel on are the reason I do this, the reason I started on youtube...and please my love coming off this page.

I love being able to offer you a little something from me...
comment below if you'd like it if I made more regular "love giveaways"....maybe once a week or once a month I could do a give away from my heart to yours. Maybe cool stuff like this palette or maybe just fun stuff from my closet! ha ha ha

I love each and every one of you reading this...and you are all "my" winners...each one of you is a prize to me! God has blessed me with a greater treasure than money could ever buy, with the love each of you give to me...
I love you all...your kandee

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