Monday, August 15, 2011

Jewelry Style Steal Report: Hip-Hot for Fall

ready to add some zazzle to your fall wardrobe...(yeah, I know it's still hot...but so are these urban-edgy-hip-hop-tastic" accessories...
I love the tough yet chic big chain link bracelet and yes, an awesome pair of gold bamboo earring (these aren't my first pair of bamboozlers either, I lost one a while ago, so these are replacements)
You could wear em al funky downtown or pair with a colorful flowing top for an exotic golden glow.

Inspiration: Michael Kors has this awesome gold chain link necklace that I love...but it 's about $690 over my $10 budget for necklaces...oh but just look at it:
(dear Michael not only have the most amazing necklace...but your "RUNWAY" so fanta fanta fantastylistically, timeless, trendless, just a masterpiece, statement of a watch! I heart it more than cheesecake, which I heart a lot.
my budget looks more like Forever 21 finds...yep I got them all at F21, baby...nothin' over $6.80! see:
bamboo hoop earrings: $3.80
 silver chain link necklace & jade and purple gold horn necklace: (each) $6.80

I'm off to pack up all my wardrobe goodies..and sleep for like 2 hours, then wake up and head to the airport to go work on a tv show...but yay, I'll be getting up early and trying to get ready before baby wakes up..then trying to get all the baby gear ready to go too!...I'm gonna need to spackle on concealer under my eyes- so the rings under my eyes don't show! ha ha ha

off to go to bed, er I mean, take a nap...ha ha ha
bling-a-ding-ding.... i love you more than all the diamonds in the world, Kandee

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