Sunday, August 14, 2011

things i text my sister

hot off my iphone, texting to my sister: (our "textversations" are always pretty least we think so...ha ha ha)
me making the "Zoolander" face wearing my "shiny, shiny, (gold) disco ball" jacket I was trying on for the first time...
In case your wondering/dying to know: I got this hot number for $8.50 at the thrift store last week.

At first I thought : "oh my hideous jacket!"....and the more it sparkled, the more it seemed that I was shot with the Fashion Cupid's arrow...and I kinda blurted: "I kinda love it?!"

My crafting yesterday was kind of a  bust.
*the leather cuff I tried to make didn't work out- the snaps I bought were awful- once you snapped them you couldn't pry them apart
*the earrings I tried to make...well, I lost the one when I went scavenger hunting for other craft and paint essentials I needed
*I only have one of the shoes that I was working on finished and I'm too tired to stay up and work on the other on (it's 2:23am)- and tomorrow I have to get up at about 3am to leave- so I think I might have to scratch the shoe idea.
*and the shirt I was going to make...well I just started it and it was all wrong!
ha ha ha ha ha ha.....
This will be a fun surprise to see what outfits I can pull together!

It was a craft-disaster...
the only thing I successfully did was MAKE A HUGE CRAFT MESS!

aww well....better crafts next time!
sparkly gold jackets that look like disco balls and a huge mess of craft stuff everywhere... your kandee

1 comment:

Ruhi said...

I kinda like that jacket's sparkly :)

me an my sister hardly meet living in two different countries..but this summer we met and decided to make a food blog :)

for all you non anorexic i would love it if you (anyone reading this comment)could join our journey :)

love xoxo

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