Tuesday, August 2, 2011


 MY Inspiration:
this picture I saw on the CHASERBRAND site....
*I love the gold leggings
 *as we know...I've been sportin' the feather earring thing for a long time now
 *I do love this feather head dress but don't think I could wear it anywhere other than playing around for a picture...but it's fun!
*I love me a good old "vintage looking tee"
*I don't play guitar so it wouldn't make sense to carry a guitar (ha ha)
*and that old cowboyish looking leather men's style belt sent me into..."maybe-I-can-find-one-like-it-at-the-thrift-store" mode

What else I was hoping to find:
I want a pair of these low cowboy boots....I had a pair back in the early 90's (and loved them...and I want to stomp around in some again)

the Goodwill
What I got:

*random t-shirts that I'm going to use to make something
*cool beigey huge knit sweat
*this awesome "horse" shirt that I'm going to make into something fabu-awesome
is this not the most ugly-awesome shirt? horses...purple tie-dye....and a raging river!
*and this cool belt I got for $1.99....that I bought because I'm going to re-purpose the pink pyramid-studs for a fun fashion project I'll show you!

I found some gold leggings at Forever 21 too, but they were all too small...

Off to go wash my thrift finds a bunch....me and my germaphoby side want to go wash everything like 10 times before I think it's free of all it's "I-don't-know-who-wore-this-before-ness"...ha ha ha

gold leggings and lots of love....kandee

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