Friday, August 5, 2011

Romantic Bohemian Rocker Braids

(shirt Chaser Brand Collection I got at Marshall's, earrings from my friend Cardi's company Salvage LA)

I love this look.
It' a little Bohemian - more natural and not perfect looking.
With a  ROMANTIC ROCKER CHIC edge to it.
Perfect for the Native Tribal look that is popping up everywhere for Fall 2011!
Super fast to do- whether you're looking for a new hair do to add some stylish-edge for back-to-school or  just a fun, new braid-tastic style to add to your hair  repertoire.
Doesn't matter if you call em' braids, plaits or loopy-scoopies.
rubber bands
bobby pins or a mini hair clip (or both)
and your hair

No matter where you are for treasures at a flea market, off to hang with your friends,  heading to an art show or concert...or maybe putting your baby in a sling and heading to Whole Foods to buy groceries and flowers to brighten your kitchen...
you will feel fierce and fabulous! 

Now, come hang out with me and I'll show you how to do this fast, fun and easy hair style:

PS. Mostly in the US we call them braids, but I know people call them Plaits also (seems to be pronounced "plats" everywhere except for in the US, we say it "plates", like dishes! ha ha ha

now go rock this romantic-boho-rocker look....
your braidy lady...kandee


corinne said...

Kandee, I like this romantic look & I'll try to do it soon. in french we translate plait by "tresse". See you tomorrow (Corinne from France)

Kenleigh said...

Hi Kandee! I have been looking to get my hair cut...and I'm really in love with yours! I was wondering if maybe you could email me a few hair shots? I don't know how I'd show my hair stylist a video, LOL. But if you can it would be much appreciated! My email :

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