Thursday, August 18, 2011

Glamour Magazine's: Kandee does Katy Perry Make-Up Look

I was so excited I was inside the September issue of Glamour Magazine....
I forgot to tell you guys they have a special "Glamour Kandee Exclusive Make-Up Tutorial Video"!

Glamour asked me to create a special look for them...and I was inspired by this sultry look that Katy Perry had here:
(please note I could not replicate her soft lighting..mine came out a little more harsh and shadowy, photo lighting is not my forte....but you'll see in the video  I wasn't standing in direct sun in my picture...ha ha ha)
-Katy Perry's make-up always includes her classic black pin-up eyeliner, but this look is softened my the golden-taupey shadow
-and there is always something both delicate and a little sexy about a pale nude pair of soup-coolers (aka lips)

So have fun watching this "you-won't-see-this-on-youtube" make-up tutorial!
Yeah! Yeah it's make-up time!

OR CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT ON and you'll get to read the article that they wrote for the Glamour website about yours truly!

lots of love and heaps of GLAMOUR....your kandee

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