Friday, August 19, 2011

Ombre Hair: Ombre YAY! or Ombre NAY?

Just say Ole' it's time to Ombre! Ombre isn't that's been around for a while now, I know.
And if you're were like "Om-what?!?"...
OMBRE HAIR is like "recessionista hair color:
no need to touch up your very often if you just highlight the tips!

(insert bit from a chat about hair color trends now and what's in the future, with my homey, the famous Mr. Kim Vo. Wait til you here my post on what's in the future...I LOVE it!)
The Ombre look, looks (for the most part) like a natural sun-kissed you're a beach babe that lives in the sun, which has lightened the ends of your hair...but your "new, darker roots" and grow-out haven't really kissed the sun yet. That's the basic idea of the look.
Reccessionista-lights baby!
Low Maintenance...Wallet friendly..and even though most celebs and the fashion world already showcased this look last year....I still think it's got a more "not too much work" look too it that I still like.
The darker roots to light effect is done useing  a French hair technique called balayage.  Balayage is painting hair color or lightener right onto the hair with a brush, which give a natural, more "done by the sun" look. Instead of the old conventional method of using foils, which most times creates a lovely line of demarcation (hence you have stripes or spots in your highlighted hair). The highlights are painted straight onto the hair with a brush, which give a more natural sun-bleached look; instead of the conventional foiling method used for highlights which often leave a line of demarcation or as some would say, "what the leopard spots did they do to my hair?"

Who's ROCKED the Ombre?
 Alexa Chung said "Hip Hip Ombre!"
Drew Barrymore said "Ombre Ole"..last year.
and Sarah Jessica Parker said "Ombre in the City"...
So what do you think?
 Do you love or loathe the Ombre? Or do you just think the Ombre is so passe?
or maybe you say: "what the hay, I'll try Ombre?"

 good hair days..your kandee

ps. if you want to see a picture of me with my very first DIY highlighting experience, and I was 16 CLICK HERE! ha ha ha enjoy that one...

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