Friday, August 26, 2011

Urban Decay 15 Year Eyeliner Collection- WINNER Update!!!

WINNER of the URBAN DECAY 15 Year ANNIVERSARY EYELINER PALETTE, out of over 26,000 comments (which took me a long time to go through, and just make sure everyone followed the rules! ha ha ha) IS:
this was one of her comments, (this was not the comment that was randomly selected to win, this is one I lastly checked to verify all her "one-per-day-comments")she did follow the rules and post her favorite color in her other comments, but after I went through all the comments to verify she had just posted one post per day, I ended up on this comment and couldn't find the one with her favorite colors again in all the 26,000+ comments, so I just posted this comment! Sorry if that was confusing, it's my fault for not screengrabbing the winning comment with her favorite colors in it!(side note: I didn't go to bed until 4am because of this contest!) Don't worry her winning comment that was randomly selected was her favorite colors,  this is one of first when the contest first started and the comment that I last verified:
(next time I'll only post the winning comment and remember to take a screengrab of it! This is why I don't like contests! ha ha ha)

All winners are randomly picked, i had picked several, but making sure everyone played fair and followed the rules..oh man, I wanted to pick them, but I think a few people forgot to read all the ruley rules. 

Camille Bradbury please email me to confirm it's you and to give me your address so I can ship this baby to ya!

(please if you DID NOT WIN, do not send an email to this address, as only the winners name will be safe to read, yours will most likely go to junk mail and won't be sorry, thanks guys!)

AND to ALL the people that created fake accounts as CAMILLE and emailed me that they are the winners- that was not nice....I already have identifying info on her that I just needed her to verify and confirm. 

BECAUSE I'm really bad at picking just one winner...
and my heart wants to love everyone...

JEFF BERGRAN (i think I spelled that right)
as I was verifying all Camille's comments I read this 
 sweet comment, that he wanted to win this for his sister who had brain cancer to bring some "color" into her world...
even though you weren't the random winner...I read your comment and I don't have any more of the eyeliner sets, but I will ship out a special "goodie bag of urban decay things" for your sister to add some "color" to her heart! 

Don't forget...there's still time to win the Urban Decay Palette! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!
wishin' I had 26,000 eyeliner sets to give to everyone, love from your kandee

Remember these contests are for fun! Let's all be happy for the winner -the next contest winner could be you!

I love seeing how awesome you guys guys are the true definition of "good sportmanship"! I love seeing you guys soo excited for the winner. You guys are so awesome that you are so happy for the winners and appreciative of me even offering a contest...i love you guys!

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