Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shoe Attack: would you wear?

are you ready for the next big trend besides the Jeffrey Campbell Lita? 
Not sure if these will beat the Lita's popularity....but as I learned in high school, just because it's popular, doesn't make it cool (insert me wearing white leather, pointed toe Doc Martens and a gigantic pair of bright red baggy jeans. How I wish I had  a picture to show you! And  insert me, sometimes eating lunch by myself...oh mean high school you!
 I just want to try these on to see what it's like to walk in them! This is the Delilah by Sensa...and these shoes are ready to kick some "average shoe-ness" out of their way for sure! Now this is like taking an art gallery with you on your feet. People did comment it was a little tricky or impossible to get these bad boys on. I'd just put them in a shadow box and hang them on my wall. And you can even think pink in these clompies too!
 On a more whimsical note: May I introduce you to the Jeffrey Campbell Saturn 2 shoe - I kinda love this shoe...i reminds me of a suede-fairy-candy-drop and paired with some black leggings, long layered tank dress and maybe a funky blazer, these shoes could dazzle!
 Here's another Jeffrey Campbell dandy...the Zup Fur. Me loves the side corset action on this shoe! NOt sure how well I could walk in it though!
Not loving the spotted look....
the  comes in black with fun neon colored neon comes in neon pink too!

 Is this a shoe you may be asking, well, that you can walk in? Yes Sir! This display of heights and architecture is made by some beyond creative folks at FINSK and these babies are SOLD OUT on the SOLESTRUCK website!
 And look at this....modern design....I think Jeffrey Campbell shoe designers are amazing..look at this shoe! It's the Right On by JC...I just want to try it on!

Lay it on me...comment below...would you wear any of these?
How would you wear em?
Let's share some creative ideas!

typing in bare feet, but wishin' I still had those white doc martens... your kandee


Amy Burek said...

I love the Saturn 2! They remind me of yummy cotton candy, fluffy, pink, and delicious!!!! All the others are a bit out there for this 40 something girl. I do admit that the FINSK shoes peak my interest and the ones with the corset laces are funky. But, I am more of a not so "clunky" shoe. Some of the shoes now a days with the huge heals remind me of Herman Munster. I can completely see myself walking like him if I wore them! =)
Happy Wednesday!

Anjenette Thibault said...

Yay for eyeliner!!

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