Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grand ol' Urban Decay Give Away!

 Yes, the latest and most artfully designed eyeshadow palette from urban decay is up for a giveaway!
15 ALL NEW eyeshadow colors from neutrals to metallic colors which are all the rage for fall...to a new matte, inky black....and the packaging turns into a cool keepsake box when you're done with your shadows! How cool and glam is that for recycling your packaging!
I got two of these. One for me and one for one of you!
I know not everyone can win, but it's fun trying and I will try to do more giveaways...it's my favorite to be able to give you guys something fun from me! Yes, it will come packaged and mailed by yours truly!

AND DON'T FORGET I'm also doing a "BLOG" only give away for all my loyal blog family...

CLICK HERE TO ENTER to win the totally sold out 15 year Anniversary Eye Pencil Collection going for twice it's retail price on Amazon and crazy bids on ebay!!!

NOW for the RULES for the
You must be a  SUBSCRIBER to me on Youtube
You must enter a comment below the contest video on youtube.
You can live anywhere in the world - I'll ship it to you!
You can comment multiple times, bu each comment must be different. (No copy and pasting of the same comment over and over, it will get marked as spam by youtube)

and will end midnight (my time, PST) on Saturday 8-27
Winner will be announced on Sunday 8-28 on this blog.

Have fun, and now watch the video for extra rules on commenting if you missed them already!

Disclaimer alert: Urban Decay did not pay me a penny, toothpick, or anything to do this giveaway. And lil' ol' me will be packaging and shipping this to the winner!

I can't wait to see who wins!!!
palettes of hugs, kandee


britasblog said...

Mildew! Green always make my brown eyes "pop =)

Zeena Chaar said...

My favorite color is electric <3

Anonymous said...

My favorite color is Midnight Cowboy

Anonymous said...

I love electric

Luana said...

I loooooove Uzi!!!

Laney said...

I think it would bring sunshine to my day if I won a "love present"

Laney said...

I still think it be really cool to say I won a "love present" :)

JustB said...


Kelly H. said...

I luff electric!! <3 That blue is crazy cool. Bright colors make me happy.

Unknown said...

i really love al those color but frm dat ma fav color is dat pink color very cute color. i really wish dat i could win dis video bcoz m gng for a cabin crew interview nxt mnth n i wish i could wear dat beaytiful color.pls pls pls lemme win dis contest.

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